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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
  Fotonotes for annotating images
Fotonotes for annotating images

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FotoNotes Homepage.

GNOME Desktop

After wrestling with mod_rewrite I finally have FotoNotes working. You’ve probably seen this on flickr, here’s the info from the FotoNotes homepage:

Probably the best known derivation of FotoNotes is Flickr’s note feature. Flickr did their own implementation, but Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake is nice enough to credit me: “Greg Elin of Fotonotes fame, who is responsible for us adding the annotations you can make on Flickr photographs.”

Here’s an interesting part from the read me included with the code.

(c) FotoNotes, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

FNServer, FotoNoter, FotoNotes, and fotonotesplugin.php are

open source and available under the Open Software License

v 2.1 (

FotoNotes is patent-pending.

You may implement the FotoNotes specification in your

own code an applications royalty-free in exchange for

attribution under the Creative Commons by Attribution

License. See

for more information, including commercial licensing options.

So thanks Greg Elin and FotoNotes hackers for the code, I think it can be very useful for online learning, I’m trying to show that with the Edubuntu image above but it seems rather obvious you could take a photo of the inside of a PC and say to students identify 4 things or maybe at the Wikiversity school of plant science say identify 4 parts of this plant. Here’s the Mediawiki Fotonotes extension. If I used a bigger image for this desktop example above it would be much better. I can do that on the Wiki later.

Its really interesting how the XML is stored in the JPEG Header, hopefully we can get some comments from computer scientists talking about that, it reminds me a little of Steganography but I don’t think that has much to do with it.

Its way past my bedtime so there you go.

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