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Friday, January 19, 2007

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After reading Alex’s 5 things post I starting thinking about all kinds of things, some of the teachers in TALO often remind me that life experience is valuable and who we are and where we’re from can be important, I like to think its what I do thats important, it sounds cliche and if you work online its easy to take that approach but their students come from a diverse range of backgrounds and its not that simple. What I wanted to talk about is Alex mentioned my site.

If your looking for a little more home grown account of what constitutes a mashed web interface then check out Chris at Superuser. It is evident that we have a new web growing like a virus ready to Multiply our posts, entertain new audiences and engage learners in the space that they frequent within.

Its nice to get a mention, I wonder if we will ever see, or something similiar. I noticed they’re using Wordpress as their blogging platform and I think they can get a lot more value out of it particularly for community development.

There’s some simple and cost effective things they could do with the software so that in a way it acts more as a dynamic community space, showcasing and connecting the nswlearnscope projects and their members, theres many benefits to it and it makes good business sense to be on the same page. I also noticed that there’s no search engine optimisation and the most useful links are linking away from their site and as far as I can tell it doesn’t look like they are keeping track of that, its important to know how people use your site, it helps to see which parts of your project are lagging behind.

I think I’ll have to do a mini review of Wordpress.

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